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    Social Media Press Release

    The world has moved on. From just a checklist that needed a communication to be evaluated on whether it covered ‘5 Ws and the H’, the very dynamics of crafting a media release have changed in the last few years. Not just is it pertinent to create specific media messages for specific audience, emergent media has brought about the need for new formats in which we need to deliver media material, say the press release. The importance and value of Hyperlinks, Tags, Social Bookmarking, User Vote on Content, for online content to be found through search and otherwise, has been understood.

    Enabling the public relations professional now, are the ‘social media press release’ templates, which make the task of crafting messages for the online, and particularly social, media. I discovered about a couple of the new options, here.
    Check these out:

    PRX Builder
    (Free to use – go register)

    Edelman has its Story Crafter, but presumably only for its client – differentiator when there are free versions available? But then I haven’t obviously used the service to be able to comment. This is what you see:

    Go craft your release.
    Originally posted on my blogVerbum.

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