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  • Social Media river also flows beneath the surface.

  • Social Media river also flows beneath the surface.

    Social Media river also flows beneath the surface.

    Social media has unquestioned linkages with user generated content, customers speaking with each other & buzz; each of these form an important part of the campaign for any brand engaging in social media marketing.
    Many of us, however, make the mistake of judging/ reviewing a brand programme merely on the ‘visible’ elements. Buzz is just one of the desired outcomes. Insights drawn from analysing consumer behaviour/ perception towards our brands/ competition on blogs, social networks could be another.
    We often seem to miss out on a critical part of why brands adopted/ or needed to adopt social media. Remember, it was to create direct channels of communication with consumers/ prospects and other key stakeholders for feedback, redressal and insights.
    As a programme moves into a sustained two-way relationship between the consumer and brand, towards identifying consumer evangelists and towards co-creation of products, a lot of conversations do move below the surface – emails, telecons and face-to-face. The world doesn’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there.Instead, to me, they are signs of a matured programme.
    An association has been established; new conversations will continue to get seeded, but many have now reached a new depth.
    Your thoughts?

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