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  • #Sparktherise Twitter Conference On ‘Water Sustainability – A Key to our Future’

  • #Sparktherise Twitter Conference On ‘Water Sustainability – A Key to our Future’

    #Sparktherise Twitter Conference On ‘Water Sustainability – A Key to our Future’

    In June 2012 we seeded the #SparktheRise Leader Series for Mahindra, to have a meaningful dialogue and create an ecosystem which enables positive change. The objective of the series was ‘innovation as a form of conversation’, to engage in a dialogue with innovators, thought leaders, and change agents. In the past we’ve done several Twitter chats with thought leaders, and in order to scale up the engagement, and to make the discussion more participatory, we decided to extend the chat format to a panel discussion on Twitter.

    As part of the Mahindra ecosystem building and community engagement, we have been following the conversations on Twitter and wondered, why don’t more people know about the water crisis and water sustainability solutions? How can we educate the masses about water scarcity and the seriousness of the problem? What are the strategic long term solutions for water sustainability? [Source: Rise blog]

    In association with Ashoka India, we organised a three-hour global discussion to brainstorm on the topic: ‘Water sustainability – A key to our future’ on 7 March 2013.

    Panelists included Paul Polak and Team (@OutofPoverty), Naandi Foundation(@naandi_india) and  Zenrainman @Zenrainman. Ashoka India (@AshokaIndia) moderated the discussion. The Twitter conference was conducted under the hashtag #SparkTheRise.

    The event was curated by our content partners, India Water portal and through blog posts. This was also cross-posted on the Rise blog.

    The conference was split into three one hour back-to-back sessions, beginning with Naandi Foundation. Naandi India’s work focuses on three key sectors: Safe drinking water, sustainable livelihoods, and children’s rights. Anoop Rao, COO, Naandi Foundation answered questions on the work they have done in India to ensure safe drinking water and how they take a holistic approach towards reduction of poverty, and highlighted the work they have done to achieve this.

    The second session was with Zenrainman, who is an expert on rainwater harvesting and water issues in India. He is the founder of the Rainwater Club, a Bangalore-based group that promotes and provides information on rainwater harvesting. He shared some interesting case studies on rainwater harvesting.

    The third session with Paul Polak focused on safe drinking water as a business and how affordable irrigation can help small farmers move out of poverty. Paul Polak, founder of Colorado-based non-profit International Development Enterprises (IDE)—is dedicated to developing practical solutions that attack poverty at its roots.

    The activity was able to generate a reach of 939,328 and 3,592,021 impressions, 90% of these within the span of 6-10 pm IST. There were 178 people who participated in the Twitter conference. We also received good participation from global change makers.

    The activity was summarized by the content partners through blog posts and Storify as well.

    We are now gearing up for the Spark the Rise season 2 Grand Finale scheduled for April, 2013.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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