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    Tea Boutique

    One of my favourite stores in Delhi/ I like to call it a boutique/ is Aap ki Pasand in Darya Ganj. Located diagonally opposite Golcha Cinema, the store is a veritable treasure-house for tea lovers.
    I do not claim to be a tea connoisseur but I like my cuppa and I like it different from time to time. Assam, today; tomorrow it can be earl-grey (no milk)… I can go on. Until some time ago, my meals were not complete without a nice cup, but I have had to give up that habit on account of my stomach ache that just refused to go away.
    I visit the store, whenever I can – among the things I like to do whenever I just want some time with myself. Day-before was such a day. I ordered a few packs of Masala Chai (the best I have found anywhere) and settled down to indulge myself with some great tea, prepared as only a tea taster’s establishment could, with the lot of TLC.

    Camomile iced tea came first (priced, unbelievably, at just Rs 20/-). Nice champagne colour and soothing, tender flavour. I wanted to try more and settled for a cup of Darjeeling summer flavour – best had without milk, the ‘summer’ is more full-bodied than the milder spring option. I prefer spring, I decided. A wonderful half-an-hour sipping through fine tea, flipping through the ‘wildlife’ issue of Times Journal of Photography, I could easily be in heaven.
    Though they now accept orders over the net, I would gladly stay a touch and feel person!

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