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  • Technorati- Dave Sifry’s State of the Live Web Reports

  • Technorati- Dave Sifry’s State of the Live Web Reports

    Technorati- Dave Sifry’s State of the Live Web Reports


    Technorati CEO and founder Dave Sifry’s much awaited update on ‘State of the Blogosphere’ and the new addition ‘State of the Live Web’, which includes broader social media analysis, is out today.The report expects to feature more of the ‘Live Web’ aspects in times to come, for now there are a few figures and trends. I am trying to summarize below. Do link up to the complete report:

    1. Technorati is today tracking 70 million weblogs
    2. About 120,00 new weblogs each day, but also 3000-7000 splogs (fake or spam blogs) being created every day
    3. 1.5 million posting a day – spikes in post during significant world crises, which is expected as blog posts reflect and capture developments around us
    4. 22 blogs among the top 100 – up from 12 in the prior quarter, shows growing acceptance and popularity.
      The report also validates something that we have been speaking about regarding growing credibility and latent consumption of blogs through search results:
      “the audience is less and less likely to distinguish a blog from, say, — for a growing base of users, these are all sites for news, information, entertainment, gossip, etc. and not a “blog” or a ‘MSM site’ “

    1. Japanese is the number 1 blogging language at 37%; English second at 33%; Chinese third at 8%
    2. Farsi a newcomer in the top 10 at 1% – new blogging communities emerging in the middle-east
    3. About 35% of all posts Technorati tracks use tags, as of Feb 2007
    4. 2.5 million blogs posted at least one tagged post in February- explosive growth in the tags index (check out the new Technorati tag widgets) is mirrored on social media sites like YouTube, Flickr etc. Google features tagged media in its result pages…

    Read the full report here.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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