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  • Testing ‘ 43? new features’ of the Scorpio :)

  • Testing ‘ 43? new features’ of the Scorpio :)

    Testing ‘ 43? new features’ of the Scorpio :)

    I have known it for a bit now: My next car is going to be a Scorpio!

    So having made up my mind to go ahead with one, I contacted a dealer for a test-drive, to figure out if my dad could get in and out comfortably. After not keeping the appointment on a couple of occasions, the young lady from the dealership arrived one morning along with a vehicle and the driver.
    I asked her if I could drive it off-road (where we stay, allows us the luxury of wide smooth roads, and yet unmetalled surfaces and fields are not far off either). She was hesitant and I didn’t push.

    We set-off on our little journey. The handling was super light, and the vehicle managed the curves ok- I asked my father to buckle up tight – and decided to push the peddle. As the girl listed out the 43 new features of the ‘all new Scorpio’ we went over a bump – not great speed, but not slow either- and the young lady, the driver went up flying. “The suspension is not good,” I complained. A little baffled, and still rubbing her head, she replied, “Sir, pehle se to bahut improve kar diya hai hamne”.

    We zoomed around some, I made some crazy turns. Finally, mostly happy, I turned back.

    I asked her if she had been on a test drive like this before. “No”, she admitted.

    “What did you think, I will drive a SUV at 40 kms/hr?” I asked, smiling at her in the rear view mirror.

    Haven’t picked up the vehicle yet, but the all new Scorpio/ with 42 new features/ it will be – the suspension needs to be still better I think :).

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