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    The 5 Minute Formula

    :) Reminding myself about the 5 mins. formula – from an old email
    I read about the 5 minute formula about a year ago. Every new assignment – presentation, writing, preparing for a class would leave me trying to push it to tomorrow- I would spend sleepless nights, wondering and anxious if i would be able to do it.
    Then I read the 5 min thing, prompting me to just put 5 mins to a task before I close it for another day. I attempted it. It never remained 5 mins – i gave it much more, as soon as i started work. By the time the 5 mins—oops,1 hour – 2 hours were over, the task was almost done. It is the fear of unknown that is exciting and yet so daunting sometimes.
    I am not saying that I have stopped pushing work to tomorrow-lol, but I know I can reach out to the 5 mins. formula when I want to.
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