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  • The age of the ‘individual’.

  • The age of the ‘individual’.

    The age of the ‘individual’.


    I believe the reason I see an increasing number of people opt for a Sony Ericsson or Motorola mobile today (where practically everyone you and I knew used a Nokia handset earlier), is less to do with the performance of their (previous?) Nokia handset and more to do with their ‘need’ to stand out from the crowd – this is the age of the Individual after all.
    Many of these trends are led by the youth and as notebook PCs become mainstream, given the falling prices, I think the individual will seek to stand apart again…with youth leading the trend.
    As against mobile handsets, where differentiated design has been as much a driver as the features, laptops have all looked the same – until now!

    Check out the cool skins above – paste- rip; designer- funk; youth-executive – there are skins for everyone. In India, I am sure they will do them in brocade too for those industrialist wives :)
    These I found here.
    Talking about individualisation, I was in Gurgaon last week for a movie and saw a familiar face in a rather interesting looking store. Turned out to be Vikas Varma at his new store – The Colour Factory – a do-it-yourself ceramic studio where you can paint your own designs to create customised pottery. This is how it works:

    1. Select a piece of ceramic
    2. Choose a design
    3. Colour it up
    4. They will bake it to glaze and it you get it back in a few days

    Voila! Your very own personalised gift that no one can copy! A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with loved ones.
    I quite liked the concept. Wish though that they had more ‘ready’ items to pick off the shelf. Sometimes you don’t have the time but do want to pick something unique…

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