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  • The Allen Solly End of Season Sale application – earning through Facebook

  • The Allen Solly End of Season Sale application – earning through Facebook

    The Allen Solly End of Season Sale application – earning through Facebook

    With intense competition among fashion brands on Facebook, especially during the sale season, Allen Solly wanted to stand out. We helped them translate the engagement with fans and customers online into sales at physical stores and achieve an unprecedented ROI in the process. Here’s how we did it.

    Allen Solly had utilised the Facebook offers in April last year, when the option was still in beta stage. This time, to reach the  community, we took a more creative route. A ‘Scratch Card’ Facebook application was created which would allow users to scratch a card virtually and win discounts of 30%, 35% or 40%. They could then take a print of the coupon, take it to the store and avail these discounts on their next purchase.

    The application was available on mobile as well, for Android and iOS platforms. It was promoted through social ads and promoted posts, and a revenue target was set for the end of the month. The application and promotions started on 5 January 2013 and the target had already been achieved by 28 January 2013.

    The campaign, which focused on gaining more interactions on the application, saw more than 14,000 people participating.  By the end of the month, the brand had not only achieved the desired target of revenue from Facebook alone, but had also helped the community gain more than 100,000 fans, taking the fan-count above a million.

    The only thing more interesting than the above statistics was the RoI. An astounding 2,194% RoI was seen during this campaign. For every rupee of money that was put in the campaign, a revenue of Rs. 2,194 was generated at the store, and this was after the discount that was given to the coupon bearers!

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