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  • The Differentiator = Empowered Team

  • The Differentiator = Empowered Team

    The Differentiator = Empowered Team

    Two days in a row, I saw a common link in different customer service experiences I had with 2 brands.

    1. Day before – Manpreet and I finished our meeting with a new colleague who has just come board and decided to make a stop at a Pizza Hut. This is a brand that has won my heart many times over lately.
      We ordered our drinks and our new colleague ordered a Pan Pizza, while Manpreet and I took a bit longer before we finally decided to share a pizza.
      One of the pizza’s landed quickly, but mine and Manpreet’s seemed to be taking unduly long.
      I was thinking about calling the the boy serving our table, to check status, when I saw him walk briskly in our direction – he placed a portion of freshly baked ‘garlic bread, with cheese’ on the table, apologized and explained that the pizza was taking longer due to a mix-up in and if we could bear the delay for just a bit longer. In the interim, he’d be delighted, he said, if we enjoyed the garlic bread – on the house.
      The focus shifted, from the delay in service to “Good people.”
    2. Yesterday – I finished my interactive session with communication teams from some ‘not-for-profit organizations’ and asked my driver to collect a friend from the airport who was bringing along a new harmonium I had ordered for my father.
      All cash I was carrying, but Rs. 60/-, went into an envelope, for my driver to hand over towards excess baggage that my friend had already paid. I settled down at a Costa Coffee outlet to work, while he returned from the Airport.
      After working for a couple of hours, I walked up to the counter and ordered a Cafe Mocha – the bill came to Rs. 66/-, at which I asked the gentleman at the counter, who knows me (from another Costa outlet he used to work at earlier and which I am family visited regularly and again from his present outlet where too I, friends and colleagues visit many times during the week) to give me a Cappuccino instead as I wasn’t carrying enough cash.
      It took him not even a millisecond to suggest that I continue with my original order and that I could pay the difference next time around. I suggested that I could very happily drink a Cappuccino instead, but he insisted. For all I know he paid the difference from his pocket.
      As you can guess, he won my heart.

    What do you say to these instances? Coincidence or Company Culture?
    You can clearly see that differentiated customer service is associated empowered employees who can take impromptu decisions, to delight the customer.
    You have had some great experiences like this? What’s been your learning from those? Keep writing.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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