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  • The E factor in advertising

    The E factor in advertising

    Many a Wednesday evenings, during my growing up years, the 7.30 pm – 8.00 pm slot was spent in front of the tube. Chitrahaar, the iconic film songs programme, would roll out at 8 pm and given its enormous viewership, most and some of the best advertising of its time would be scheduled prior to it – full 30 minutes or so of it, non-stop. I loved it. ‘This’ was entertainment.
    While most brand advertising typically focuses on the product – features/ benefits, rare are campaigns that focus purely on entertainment value and the brand message reaches subtly, without the need to shout.
    One such campaign that I instantly loved was the recent Nike “cricket/ traffic jam”, capturing, so vibrantly, India’s cricking obsession and energy.
    And now a campaign that’s already amongst the most talked about ad campaigns of all times!!?? One that will perhaps create wonderful new possibilities for the brand, not just in terms of the brand message, but also revenue streams? People are already demanding toys and merchandise.
    You have already guessed – it’s the Zoozoos – by Vodafone. Much has already been written about the appeal, engagement that the lovable Zoozoos have brought Vodafone, a brand with the legacy of some very memorable branding & advertising – Hutch orange; Hutch orange turning pink; the pug; Vodafone launch with the pug; and now the Zoozoos. Interestingly, and clearly by choice, the brand has always been, and continues to be, positioned as – sophisticated and urban.
    On the net too, several touch points have been created by the brand – millions of page views have already been achieved; lacs of people are engaging with the brand on social networking sites. Such entertainment value can sometimes bring forth interesting scenarios…
    One such “Ad on Ad” phenomenon that I witnessed, and captured, on You Tube is, an insurance company, harvesting a windfall with its contextual advertising on Zoozoo films playing on YouTube (see below).
    zoozoos - zibika.jpg
    zoozoos - zibika1.jpg
    Don’t know what Vodafone thinks of that – not that they can anything much about it – the perils of using a free service :).

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