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  • The Enterprise is waking up to Social Technologies

  • The Enterprise is waking up to Social Technologies

    The Enterprise is waking up to Social Technologies

    Manpreet and I conducted a session yesterday on “Leveraging Social Technologies in Learning Solutions – setting the context” for a team of over 20 senior learning professionals, from one of the largest global corporations, respected for the quality of their coaching and learning processes.
    So far, there has been selective adoption of social technologies in the Enterprise environment in India. However, Social Technologies are beginning to find a willing ear (and more mainstream adoption) within the Enterprise – a few factors have contributed:

    1. Need to connect teams separated by geography
    2. Familiar is favourable: wide adoption of social media, particularly social networking, has made a large working population very comfortable with the connected environment
    3. The success of social media in marketing has given organisations confidence, and insights, to tread forward on the Social Enterprise journey.

    A clear sign of how far we have moved ahead on the Web 2.0 journey is the fact that most concepts of collaboration, convenience, multiple formats, democracy seem so yesterday that we take them for granted. Hot and new are:

    1. Mobility; coupled with
    2. Device convergence
    3. Real time; coupled with
    4. Location
    5. Storytelling – even adoption of gaming and comics by brands and the Enterprise
    6. An open network
    7. The session covered:

      1. Power of the networks and the opportunity within the Enterprise
      2. Social Technology interventions at each stage in the employee life-cycle: On-boarding; ongoing; Off-boarding
      3. Impact on learning and the evolving role of the ‘trainer’, to ‘learning guide’ and facilitator
      4. The power of connecting people with content; people with people
      5. Insights about the impact of doing this
      6. Issues and the need to focus on ‘why’ and the objectives, rather than focus on tools
      7. Getting started

      One of the questions that came our way was, naturally, about challenges on measuring performance of the learner (or the learning guide), in context of connected learning – a couple of interesting parameters that could become ‘currency’ emerged from the discussion.
      The response to my ‘Let’s talk about Sex‘, shared in context of importance of story-telling and conversational tone continues to amaze me.
      We wish there was more time, for the discussion was intense and fun. A few topics could not be covered, but then the opportunity is just opening up.

      Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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