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  • Fashion marketers misplaced love for their logo

  • Fashion marketers misplaced love for their logo

    Fashion marketers misplaced love for their logo

    It was as I checked out stuff yesterday at Emporio, the luxury mall in Delhi, that the questions came back again:

    1. Why are makers of mainstream fashion brands fascinated with indiscriminate splashing of their logos across their products?
    2. Doesn’t it actually have an adverse impact on their sales?

    Clearly inspired by luxury brands in fashion , which make prominent use of the logo, and where customers are looking at making a statement by wearing labels that spell – expensive*, the mainstream fashion brands often forget that many people who move on, to the next brand that will take them up the ladder, gave them up only because of their logo being overtly visible.

    It is a misplaced belief in the pull of their brands that blinds them from a simple consumer insight  that often when the variable determining choice is not quality, or, design, the customer will be drawn to the more aspirational label. And when a brand doesn’t match-up on aspirations, customers don’t have a choice, but to move on, completely.

    They could have stayed, in part, but the marketer put that logo upfront.

    Would they not move up the ladder at all? They would, of course**, but they may not have discarded the previous brand completely.

    *where real-luxury may actually be very discreet and often doesn’t even overtly put the brand label out.

    ** until they reach post opulence, post label, real-luxury* (or real simplicity), which in reality very few can really achieve.

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