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  • The week this is…

  • The week this is…

    The week this is…

    My life got taken over by this week…

    1. The cook left = me left cooking early mornings.
    2. Conducted two client workshops, luckily both in Delhi.
    3. Attended the ContentSutra Meet and a Christmas party hosted by a client’s company – I get invited to all their office events – great fun, always.
    4. Attended a wedding.
    5. Managed regular client work, connected with friends on Facebook and otherwise. Miraculously I survived the week quite painlessly – the miracle is called Nokia E 51.

    Kishore had advised me to wait for it last month and just his word was enough for me to discard the probe process that I may have otherwise engaged in and last week, a few days after the phone was launched, I picked up one.
    That, even though I haven’t had the time to read up the user’s guide, I have found enough uses and features to know that my life has changed forever, would not be a lie. That I haven’t really had a need to boot-up my desktop or notebook in 2 days has been a good hint for me. This morning I was at Kishore’s office and he called the phone ‘revolutionary’ – I know what he means.
    We configured my mail account and I find that a Blackberry doesn’t really serve any critical purpose, for me, that pull doesn’t. I think I am doing quite nicely with my GPRS, at the moment.
    PS: The real post I actually got online to write, coming up! :)

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