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  • The Zoozoo phenomenon

  • The Zoozoo phenomenon

    The Zoozoo phenomenon


    Many a big brands are re-incarnating this season. But the top grosser in terms of eye-balls and adoration are Vodafone’s semi-alien, semi-ghostly & cartoon-like white bodied creatures called the Zoozoos.
    While they were launched to co-ordinate with the second season of IPL and push the Value Added Services (VAS) offered by Vodafone, the happiest news is that with Zoozoo, Vodafone has finally found the antidote to the Hutch pug.
    The egg-head, as its being lovingly called in many circles, are not even animated characters. Instead, it’s humans wearing specialized body suits, shot in creatively adjusted environs. The simplicity of the icon is actually what gave it the edge. With 10 creatives already on air, and 15 more en-route, the team had obviously expected this as well.
    The most interesting bit, however, is that the name Zoozoo isn’t even mentioned in any of the ads/print campaigns. The popularity of the phenomenon is a result instead, of their attempts on the digital media. See, for instance:

    1. The Official Zoozoo fan page – collating their entire online presence on to one, and alongside giving live IPL match updates.
    2. What kind of a Zoozoo are you? A quiz, on their website! A temporal & catchy move, Quizzes are the new phase with Facebook flooding up with them anyway. Three questions and they give you an answer. The answer can then be shared with friends on one’s blog, through e-mail, on Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, FriendFeed, et al!
    3. zoozoos(2).jpg

    4. Less than two weeks into the campaign, the Facebook page has over 68,000 fans. Not just that, the much loved Zoozoo who falls into the perils of a crocodile, has a fan page to himself!
    5. On Twitter – Well, it’s not trending ;), but it sure is invoking a lot of interest. Don’t you wonder why the Zoozoos aren’t tweeting? ;)
    6. An Orkut community, initiated by fans, running polls, forums around the phenomenon.
    7. On YouTube, a channel has been set up. People are demanding more videos, and as a result, the making of the Zoozoo is now doing the rounds as well.
    8. A Zoozoo community toolbar.

    That’s more than sufficient buzz. However, a lot of conversations are happening on these fora. What people like – or don’t like – from how they feel it reflects on the brand, how it compares to the earlier ads and what they think of the transformation, to even complaints in the VAS offered by Vodafone.
    Not just are fans engaging, they are even giving suggestions on Zoozoo merchandise, and what all that should be! Not just the egg-head, the customers are trying to interact with Vodafone as well. Hope someone’s listening in to that.
    A mix of simplicity, stupidity and hence, the charm, in both the figure and the nomenclature is what’s driving the fan-wave for now. That the Zoozoo, like a star-campaigner, may just overshadow the brand, or come to define it in inextricable ways, much like the pug, remains to be seen; but for now, it’s generating oodles of revelry.
    Do share your Zoozoo thoughts with us :)

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