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  • This shouldn’t be very difficult – go ahead, do it!

  • This shouldn’t be very difficult – go ahead, do it!

    This shouldn’t be very difficult – go ahead, do it!

    I normally don’t write about ‘issues’ as I don’t understand the intricacies well enough, but I got this on a forward from Rohini and decided to put it here:

    Dear friends,

    Urmila died.. and you are still holding your old woolens, blankets & shawls in your Almirah?

    Don’t ask me who was Urmila ? Thousands of Urmilas die every year because of cold. VASTRADAAN, our nationwide movement is primarily about making this basic need of clothing a matter of concern. Go to the best development sector websites or pick up any funding agencies brochures and you will find a range of issues right from domestic violence to global warming.Unfortunately clothing is never there in this list. Thus our task is to first draw attention to this issue.As a part of VASTRADAAN, we have been highlighting winters as an annual disaster for countless people who do not have enough to cover themselves. We are motivating people for our annual campaign RAHAT-WINTERS.

    Please contribute as much as you can..

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