• Time 2.0

    Time 2.0

    Time(s) surely (are) is changing. moved to a new Web 2.0 format this week…


    Acknowledging the new role that media is expected to play, has embraced news created by blogs and other major newspapers from across the world to feature ‘THE AG – What’s the news today!’ The Ag updates aggregated content every morning to reach the readers fresh, as they start their day.
    Amongst others,’s star bloggers Ana Marie Cox and Andrew Sullivan will write ‘Swampland’ and ‘Daily Dish’ blogs respectively. There is ‘The China Blog’, but no India Blog, yet! Maybe someone from Time will read this and bring about change :).
    The new site is, of course, RSS, podcast and mobile enabled and like many others in mainstream media, Time too understands the power of social media – embedded at the bottom of each story are RSS Feed; Digg; (I still cannot get the URL of this one right at first attempt) and many other ranking/ bookmarking buttons.
    The site features a Most Popular list but I couldn’t figure out how it is compiled.
    So there we are, Time’s credibility coupled with new media transparency and speed – let’s see where it takes us.

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