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  • To be continued?

  • To be continued?

    To be continued?

    You see I am no bar star, and it turned out to be a bad idea to have hit the pub Sunday. It was a bad case of weekend lag when I woke up – I was going to be late – quickly showered and rushed out – there wasn’t even time to stuff breakfast. R was to be collected at 10, but the gramps champ ahead of me had other plans, it seemed. He was driving at 20 miles/ hour, obviously uninterested in the Monday morning chaos around him.

    R, a compulsive shopper, and otherwise a definitive catch and release (2) artiste, had decided to catch the doorbuster sale early and I was to play driver. So there I was, attempting to drive from my downtown apartment to her rather yupscale neighborhood, in what was certainly a CLM, but refusing R is not an option, really.

    As R got busy Poppin’ Hundies, I headed to the food court. I hadn’t eaten in 15 hours and behaved like a true tryptophanatic – luckily I wearing my Thanksgiving pants. I took out the crackberry from my pocket – a guy’s got to check his mail – yelled at the Ringtone DJ sitting on the table across, asking him to shut-up. There were over a hundred mails waiting a reply – trying to be a Super Mario means you pay the price – can’t even have breakfast in peace anymore.

    To be continued…???

    So, what’s come over me today? Well, a couple of months ago I discovered – the site is, as you can tell, a dictionary of ‘slang’ – created by users themselves. I get a daily word in my inbox, usually quite amusing and I find the creative usage of words quite fascinating. The piece above has just been weaved together using words from the daily pop-ins’, pretty much in the same sequence as they appeared in my mail, in a reverse chronological manner.
    So, it’s not really a story but I will continue, if you like. Let me know.

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