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  • Toby celebrates business relationships this valentine’s!

  • Toby celebrates business relationships this valentine’s!

    Toby celebrates business relationships this valentine’s!

    My friend Toby decided to explore relationships of a different, but equally important kind, this valentine’s – business relationships.
    Totally a community person, she reached out to her marketer friends, across the globe, with the question:
    “How do you build great business relationships with people? Do “clients” and “partners/vendors/suppliers” (I’m never sure word to use)have different points of view about what is important for each?”
    …And she’s got 62 brilliant insights on this must read post.
    Each one is special, here are a few that stood out for me:

      Kaiser Permanente – “Own” the relationship, meaning, “your pain is my pain and your success is my success” — if you have that from both parties, you will act as one and success will follow naturally. (It’s the business version of “walk a mile in the other one’s shoes”, in a way).
    1. 12. Nick Ayres, TheHomeDepot – Never assume – always over-communicate. As simple and “basic” as it sounds, I find I get into the most trouble when I start assuming instead of asking, prodding, inquiring, and generally working to understand exactly where peoples’ heads are at.
    2. 26. Wendy Piersall, E Moms At Home – My advice on building successful business relationships is no different than building any other kind of relationship – build a relationship with ‘people’ not with ‘prospects’ or ‘clients’. :)
    3. 31. Elaine Fogel, Solutions Marketing and Consulting – When you give great customer service with honesty, integrity, and quality, they will come.
    4. 39. Sherry Heyl, Empowering Concepts – When you do not know, say “I do not know”.
    5. 62. Toby Bloomberg,Diva Marketing – Leave your ego at the door but bring your skills, passion and values to the party. Know when it’s time to leave the party too.

    Do add your comments on Toby’s post or write to me, on this email id: comments (at) blogworks (dot) in and I will publish them below the post (comments are disabled for the next few days as you may remember) and also pass them to Toby for sure.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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