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  • tweetVOLUME – Brand Buzz Tool?

    tweetVOLUME – Brand Buzz Tool?


    Forward Motion, the news update from Twitter, which just landed into my inbox, had me sit up and notice something – tweetVOLUME. This is what the update said:
    “It’s just an easy way to see what words or phrases are showing up on Twitter and how often. For example, 3,800 folks have twittered about being sad and 13,000 people have twittered about being happy. Clearly, Twitter users are happy people. Is that because they drink coffee (14,200) about three times more than tea (4,610)? Who knows…”
    Like many others, I too have been thinking about marketing applications of Twitter, but how does one track and measure the going ons? Another very interesting mash-up, Twittervision, of course, pops messages on a map and you can, if you had the time, follow these messages. But how does one get a quick, number/ dashboard view?
    I think tweetVOLUME has interesting implications. I tested the following brand names and found these many mentions of:

    1. Nokia – 1490
    2. Sony Ericsson- 84
    3. Motorola -188
    4. Mercedes – 138
    5. BMW – 243

    These numbers are of course dynamic and may have changed by the time you land on the site.
    Also, I am wondering, when are these mentions ‘from’, in terms of timelines. BTW , you can compare up to 5 words at the same time, on a dashboard view. Marketers, particularly addressing youth, may find this an interesting way to monitor buzz.
    There are 843 mentions of India. Twitter is yet to catch on here and that’s clearly the reason Indian brands hardly find a mention, but hey ‘Yoga’ is happening @ 781 mentions.
    Now if someone could tell me the Tone of Voice: Negative – Neutral – Positive. Greedy, ain’t I? :)
    Go, check it out.
    Read more Twitter stuff, here.

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