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    Meow 104.8 FM’s studio glass wall looks into India Today Group’s cafeteria. There yesterday, as a guest for a show, I was looking out… thinking about the last time I was there; that was 4 + years ago and my friend, who worked (still does) in the same publishing group, and I were there for a snack. Shamsheer Luthra (I think it was him, been long) was live on Red FM, which Radio Today used to own and run then. It sill looked the same…
    Meow 104 Meow 104.8 went live just 2 weeks ago as India’s first Just-for-Women Radio Station. There’s a mega out-of-home campaign on at the moment and, I would say, sufficient interest in the station (as the search words on my server logs tell me, having written this brief intro on the day they launched). This was validated too by phone calls – during the show, the one before and one after – it is always fascinating to see a new brand being created – the excitement, the learning.
    I was there for their evening 5- 6 slot ‘Tu Tu Meow Meow’ (derived from Tu Tu Mein Mein, which for our non-Hindi speaking readers is the opposite of ‘You’re ok- I am ok’ and simply translated means ‘an argument’ :) ). It wasn’t that bad, though the energetic Ginnie, who hosts the show, did assure the audience from time-to-time that we were indeed arguing most of the time that they were busy listening to the songs (more western popular towards the evenings I was told).
    I asked Chhavi, who produces this show, on why didn’t they have any male hosts, didn’t women want to listen to men? Of course they have a male host, mornings. Hmmm – cool. Want another? I could volunteer!

    “But why then do you only show girls in your ad campaign?” I wanted to ask Ginnie, while on air, but forgot. All for the better, with two-two of them in the studio. This way I got away without any scratches!
    I was also wrong about them not wanting male listeners. Sure then they can tune in… Well, anything to do with women, men will tune in anyway – a la Femina, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and others.
    I got a glimpse into some programming: a show on parenting was on when I reached; we discussed blogging trends; and next up was a human interest talk on whether women are/ should be logical/ emotional in love – I don’t know if I got that one right! I hope they have some hard talks up too – like women politicians, CEO and stuff.
    Keep at it gals and guy!
    More radio stuff here.

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