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  • We have the 7 year itch – @blogworks is going places!

  • We have the 7 year itch – @blogworks is going places!

    We have the 7 year itch – @blogworks is going places!

    We have the 7 year itch! I think that captures the mood at Blogworks today as we complete 6 years. We’ve moved to a brand new office today, in New Delhi, and are ready to spread our wings to Mumbai, early 2013.

    2012 really kept us on our toes, as we attempted to do bigger things.  If I look back at the 3 things that kept us busy this year:

    1. The IndiaSocial Summit 2012 – the 2nd edition of our flagship activity under the IndiaSocial banner in April 2012 was much bigger, featuring 56 speakers from across India and many corners of the world, in an event spread over 3 days.  The property has made a strong niche for itself, thanks to its well curated content.
    2. Our brand story – we continued the brand identity journey we started last year and put together our new marketing collateral; the new website, which endeavours to showcase the depth, and the width, of our work – from strategy and engagement to design and development; the richness of our processes, our team, and our work. Of these, the last piece planned for this year, our first brand video, is under works and I should be able to share that with you before the year is over. It has been worth the effort as I see a strong, unified brand story emerge.
    3. Having participated and contributed to the ‘social media revolution’ in the earlier years, we have viewed the last couple of years commoditize social and take us  back to interruptive ways of marketing, in their use of social media, over meaningful conversations. So rampant is the abuse that I have lately been saying Social Media is dead. This paragraph from an article I wrote recently explains.

    Many of us have seen the promise of transparent conversations, enabled by social media, belied by the average marketer.  On the other hand though, we have also seen the emergence of a more evolved professional who understands that in the age of purpose and participation, brands and organisations need to have meaning and relevance; that people want to co-create brands and movements. The promise is very much alive. 

    Long live social media – we spent time thinking through and articulating what we are trying to do at Blogworks; why we exist; and how we bring value.

    We were always married to strategic, we are now inseparable from ‘Purpose – why do what we are doing, and helping our clients find it expression; and ‘Meaning – what’s the value that stakeholders see in it?

    So we said, we need to stay true to our promise, of helping create brands for the future and that we do this through ‘the art of conversations and the science behind’.

    What is the science behind? Messaging is one aspect of the science; insights drawn through listening, asking and profiling is the second; technology that helps us scale conversations and engagement is the third.

    Overall, a satisfying year of silently working on putting together great work for some really great clients, a great brand story, a great team of partners and colleagues, great infrastructure including a great new office.

    2013 starts with tremendous promise. Our collective destiny will continue to show us the right path. We will continue to enjoy the journey, for every destination is but a new milestone.

    Enjoy images from the new office and keep sending us your good wishes, always. :)

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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