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    We, the Blogger People.

    I haven’t attended as many events over a weekend, leave alone of the blogger/ blogging variety, as I did over this one :).
    There were 2 blogger meetings, one I had been invited to speak. It turned out to be a breezy Saturday and I was kinda ill-prepared in my sleeveless woolen jacket. Other than that, it turned to be an interesting talk.
    Here’s a blog update on the meet:

    1. Lage Raho India

    Also on Saturday was the recording for We the People on NDTV (telecast Sunday), which has ended up disappointing many participants and viewers alike. The discussion was on whether blogs should be regulated.
    Someone, who attended the show, suggested to me yesterday it seemed that they had an agenda. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and would simply ascribe it to lack of understanding of where blogs and social media stand today – more effort on research would have helped. I had suggested the young lady from NDTV, who called requesting me to be on the panel, that we discuss the programme agenda for a few minutes, before we started recording, but that never happened.
    The ‘War for News’ chapter, over long ago, however seems to have charred many TV journalists, which is understandable if you have been impacted personally, but any biases for/ against need to be kept aside when going across continents with your programme.
    Here are a few reactions from viewers and a co-panelist:

    1. The Brat, the Bean and Bedlam.
    2. The Kamla Bhatt Show

    I really do hope that Barkha starts to blog, like she promised on the show, and discover for herself the power of the tool and the community around it.
    Here is a video of the show (see at bottom of the post), in case you missed it on television and wanted to watch it. Be warned, buffering takes long, unless you on a high-speed connection.
    UPDATED on 15 January, 2008 @ 1.27 p.m.:
    More blog posts, comments, phone calls and inputs on the NDTV Show. Here is Jhoomur’s follow-up post:

    1. Emancipation of Eve
    2. Monologue

    One of my friend, a senior journalist from another news channel, suggested yesterday that we should have protested on air, kinda battled it out etc. and I told her that we were on We the People, not The Big Fight. There are no points that needed to be proven and am glad that all panelists remained composed despite any provocations, an indication of being secure and mature conduct.
    << Even though I couldn't stay for long , the4th Anniversary of Delhi Bloggers was a nostalgic moment, as I remembered attending one of the group’s very first meetings in Delhi along with Rekha.
    An excited group cut the 4th anniversary cake – pictures I clicked didn’t come through but am sure updates are on their way.
    All in all, I met some really cool people all through the weekend – new relationships, more conversations!

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