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  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 1

  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 1

    Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 1


    When I made the comment about all of us not doing enough to promote, link-up to great blog content originating from India, I hadn’t envisaged a formal way of doing so. I was thinking more like, we should read more of our own content and spread the word whenever we see an interesting conversation brewing.
    However, when Gaurav Mishra reached out with a suggestions on a weekly digest of best business blog posts from India, I decided to go along. I was clear that I didn’t want this to become a link exchange programme, that there should be rigor put into what goes here, so it doesn’t become a ‘weakly list’ instead of a weekly list.
    We discussed my suggestion of all contributors (five at the moment – read ahead) aggregating links over the week and then choosing 3-5 of our respective favourites and sharing them with readers of our blogs. Finally I have decided to go with the suggestion that all of us will agree on 3-5 select links for the week and share those, with our unique take and perspective on each.
    Why the same? There is just one convincing answer = 360 degrees. With our respective force behind a limited number of blogs, we should be able to make some favourable difference towards the traffic – and rankings? – of those we pick.
    Like I mentioned earlier, there are (updated) 6 contributors at the moment (including me). Alphabetically:

    1. Gautam Ghosh: Is a human resources (HR) professional and a veteran business blogger. You can find him here.
    2. Gaurav Mishra : Who describes himself as the guy who sells cars for a living and blogs about marketing, technology and social media otherwise. You can find him on Gauravonomics.
    3. Palin Ningthoujam : Public Relations professional and publisher of the ever-popular IndiaPR Blog and Social Media Munching.
    4. Ranjan Varma: Happy to make your acquaintance Ranjan. He writes Personal Finance 2.01 – a weekly and has published an eBook.
    5. Veer Chand Bothra: Is VP with NetCore Solutions and writes Mobile Pundit.

    I hope this becomes a successful experiment.
    Coming to the real story. Here are the 5 stories from Indian business blogs that we picked:

    1. Rashmi Bansal of Youth Curry interviews the four entrepreneurs behind CMYK Health Boutique: Very interesting name – for the uninitiated, C=cyan,M=magenta,Y=yellow and K=black. In print technology, all colours are derived from a combination of these 4 colours. Their product has an equally interesting name – Four Fountains Spa.
      Entrepreneurial culture has taken roots in the country, and relatively younger people are quitting cushy jobs to start their own ventures. This is one such story, only it isn’t another dot com or web 2.0 virtual business – this one’s inspired by Ayush and others (psst – hope you have looked at Kaya Skin Clinic too. They know what they are doing). What catches my attention about many start-ups is that they aren’t focused on their communication that well.
    2. Why start-ups need workaholics: Was that a question? It’s a Sunday and I have worked most day – I knew I would be writing this post later ;) – A client of ours, big business in start-up mode, replies to mails at 1.23 a.m. Either your are driven by what you want to do, or you are best placed in a job. Not that you don’t have to slog there either :). Anyway, read these posts that came as reactions to Jason Calacanis’ ( post – how to save money running a start-up.
      Here we go: Venturewoods;; Start Up Dunia; Aditya Mishra
    3. Namrata Balwani’s post on the new look AlooTechie on what ails online advertising in India – main kuch nahin kahunga – I do that all the time. It’s interesting that no one still talks engagement, or conversations, the focus is till on demographics and psychographics and not on ‘tribes by choice’ Go read!
    4. Ajay Shah’s post on ‘waiver of mass debt (WMD)’: India has for forever had a controversial agriculture policy and its recent waiver of Rs. 60,000 crores is no different, with many claiming it was the only way to give the sector another opportunity OR alternately, like this one does, claiming it be designed to benefit the large commercial farmers. What do you think?
    5. Manoj Dawane, Mauj Mobile, talks about the future of Indian mobile VAS industry, also on AlooTechie. Did I every tell you that I was writing concepts for IVR based services, as early as 1997 and even conceived a ‘dial a song’ back then.

    Comments are now open. Go ahead, make my day!

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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