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  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 3

  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 3

    Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 3


    I missed posting ‘Edition 2’ last week due to family commitments, the series continues.
    Before that, however, I must mention that I had NOTHING to do with 2 posts that the group has selected and can be linked back to me – one was written by me on this blog (Repositioning Bacteria) the other one, written by Kamla Bhatt, quotes me a few places. It’s a little awkward for me to do this.
    This week’s stories from Indian business blogs, sans my own:

    1. Drawing parallels between driving environment on Indian/ Overseas roads, Vijay Anand of highlights different circumstances that an Indian entrepreneur likely faces vis-a-vis global peers and urges them to “Think in Systems”.
      “…a good Indian driver not only needs to follow his own rules, he also needs to understand that when the rules of the system around him changes,
      he needs to adapt and often within a blink of an eye. It is that kind of thinking that is required when you build a product, a team, a company and look into your markets.”
      he says.
      It was partly based on readings like this and my own experiences, looking at Indian start-ups that I shared this morning’s business proposal for start-ups.
      Read the piece here.
    2. Rising inflation in food prices is suddenly making everyone sit up and take note of what’s being said for a bit now: everything is not hunky dory with the bio fuel story. Here is a piece by Atunu Day that explains the Dot-Corn Bubble. How easy is it going to be undo the damage? How much time before we see change? Crop patterns take time to change. We are far luckier in India, but not untouched by global economy.
      Read the piece here.
    3. Sudhakar Ram, Managing Director, Mastek presents the case/ face of the Indian IT industry, going forward in his piece “Wave 3 of Indian Outsourcing”. With India reaching the peak of Wave 2 on the classic S curve, the need is to go after Wave 3 work – strategic, value added, non-linear.
      Smaller organisations sometimes prove to be more nimble in identifying market shifts and go after the piece sooner. What do you think?

      Read the piece here.
    4. Kamla Bhatt, who hosts the very popular Kamla Bhatt Show, and is a researcher and technology trend watcher by profession, says “A different blogosphere in India” and wondering about the laggard ways of corporate blogging in India asks a pertinent question “Could it be that the profile and demographics of the Indian workplace requires a different approach?” I agree with her and believe that social media needs of a brand and a corporate differ from each other anyway and then of course each brand and organisation needs a solution specific to THEIR need.
      Read the piece here.

    Go on, please do comment on the respective blogs and of course share your thoughts here.
    Other blogs where you can find this series posted are: Gautam Ghosh – Management Consultant; Gaurav – Gauravonomics; Palin – IndiaPRBlog; Kiruba –;Ranjan – Ranjan 2.01

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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