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  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 4

  • Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 4

    Weekly Indian Business Blogs Digest – Edition 4


    I have been a bit pre-occupied, with lots happening in my life over the last fortnight, and hence very short intros/ comments on this week’s stories.
    I will try and get back to my posts soon:

    1. Yesterday was the day – The Times of India launches its Chennai edition.Sans Serif blog discusses the upcoming battle of giants in Chennai – The Hindu versus The Times of India. These media wars are always fun for the readers; for the participants however, it’s rush of adrenaline and ruthless games. Is The Hindu cut for what it takes? Indian Express is getting ready for it too.

      Also, the question whether “conservative Chennai” is going to accept Times, is redundant. If Times has chosen to go there, it ain’t that conservative, anymore, is my assessment. Times does its research well. For those of you to who it matters, I started my media career with TOI- that was nearly 14 years ago – but read HT and Mint as my daily staples now :).

      Read the piece here.
    2. Raising money is relatively easy for Indian entrepreneurs today, but getting the ‘right investor’ and advisory board on board can be the difference between success and failure – it may not, however, be the easiest.
      Read these posts: Hand-picking your board by Vijay Anand; Entrepreneurs : Do a quality check on VCs before you hire them by Ashish.
    3. I fell in love with the Sumo Grande the moment I saw it at the Auto Expo, earlier this year. The problem however is… when you try to be something to everyone, you sometimes end up pleasing no one. The post sums up the story beautifully so I won’t even attempt going there just now, but I can’t resist the comment on the “girl in sport car trying maneuvers to cross paths with good looking guy driving the Sumo Grande ad”. Sigh, the storyline is stale, the child popping up at the end sure makes the family guy point but the ‘disgust’ in the woman’s eye couldn’t have been the desired emotion. Or, am I the only one who interpreted it as ‘disgust’. There are, am sure better ways to sell it to the family guy. Want me to tell you how??? These days, I don’t give advice unless we’ve been paid by the brand in question to do so ;)
      Having said all this, I would still buy Sumo Grande.

      Read this brilliant piece here.
    4. I like how Jinal Shah’s mind works. Here, she beautifully classifies online information into neat categories : organised and chaotic and wonders if there is a way to make gainful use of all this formation that is available to us.
      Read the piece here.

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    Other blogs where you can find this series posted are: Gautam Ghosh – Management Consultant; Gaurav – Gauravonomics; Palin – IndiaPRBlog; Kiruba –;Ranjan – Ranjan 2.01

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