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  • What if money did not matter?

  • What if money did not matter?

    What if money did not matter?

    Sometimes, the web seems like a treasure island. There is so much to discover – you have to just keep on looking :)

    I found this video browsing through Facebook and thought it inspirational enough to start a conversation about.

    To imagine a world without money is rather impossible. However, the video very subtly prompts people to define what they desire by visualising a world where money is not a priority.

    At one point in the video, the philosopher refers to how he used the ‘what if money did not matter’ approach to help students decide what they really want to do in life. It might not be easy but beyond all the riff-raff, the approach can work wonders for us to identify what we really want to do. It can help us choose our educational graph, our career and the kind of company we want to work with!

    I quote the late British philosopher Alan Watts and ask you –

    “What would you do with your life if money were no object?



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