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  • What is Curation?

    What is Curation?

    If there was one word that really caught-on in 2012 in the world of social media, in my view it was ‘Curation’.  As adoption exploded, voices multiplied, the need for stronger filters to strain out noise and retain valuable content grew. While there has been a proliferation of a whole host of tools that now promise to ‘curate’ and deliver intelligently tailored content, I think we humans are still at the centre of defining what is meaningful and valuable. Technology is helping us economise our efforts in this hunt by sifting junk and allowing us to focus even more sharply on to our audience and their motivations. Much has been said about ‘curation’ and ‘role of the curator’.

    I came across this video and resonated with many of the views shared. I have shared my favourite ones below –

    • ‘I see my role as getting people to see connections between things that they didn’t necessarily  see a connections between and becoming  interested in that intersection’
    • ‘A good curator is thinking about not just acquisition and selection but also contextualising’
    • ‘At some point you have got to give a mix of stuff that you like and you think is interesting and then also thinking about what would the audience appreciate’
    • ‘One of my big concerns about the internet is the newsification of content, this idea that just because something is new and flows from the top its more relevant and somehow better, it’s not the case”
    • ‘I think curiosity is a kind of intellectual hunger and creative restlessness that makes us grow’.

    Watch the video for the rest.

    What is Curation? from Percolate on Vimeo.

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