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  • What’s the FM Radio Scene? Do share..

  • What’s the FM Radio Scene? Do share..

    What’s the FM Radio Scene? Do share..

    I haven’t been listening to as much FM, as I used to, but have been tracking some general trends etc.
    Still predominantly about music (and proudly so, it would appear); some new programming and attempts to differentiate – however, one station starts something new, another follows super quickly (weekly countdowns being a case in point); new favourites are emerging – on my radar are Hits 95 (the most interactive in my opinion), AIR FM Rainbow (old fav), Fever 104 (am I the only one who also addresses it as “Ek so chaar bhukhar!?” :) – this one sounds great, am told they have invested in great equipment) and better believe it – Radio One!
    Red FM – Radio Mirchi battle has turned ‘Red-Hot’, with Mirchi rolling out an extensive “Media planners are asses…” campaign – have they been losing ad. share?
    I was thinking about putting up another FM Radio Poll here, but then decided to open a thread and ask readers to contribute with comments. That we can cover stations from across the country and comments can any day capture more than a poll.
    Hope too that some from the stations would join in too to share thoughts, announcements and plans.
    We are all waiting to hear…

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