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  • All about Ads panel on ‘Brands & Social Media- when criticism becomes defamation’

  • All about Ads panel on ‘Brands & Social Media- when criticism becomes defamation’

    All about Ads panel on ‘Brands & Social Media- when criticism becomes defamation’

    With the recent Vodafone legal notice to a consumer (asking him to remove posts and comments from his social networking profiles) in the backdrop, NDTV Profit invited me to be on a panel for their show All about Ads. Topic of discussion ‘Brands and Social Media – when criticism becomes defamation’.

    Other than yours truly, the panel included

    1. Shruti Verma Singh (host)
    2. Sanjay Trehan, Head, MSN India
    3. Ranjivjit Singh, CMO, HP PSG India
    4. Harish Vaidyanathan Shankar, Legal Services Professional

    Some of the points I covered

    1. Talking about the need to separate bonafide from malafide, I said – there are 3 kinds of people 1, the bonafide consumer who has a grievance/ feedback to share; 2, the attention seeker/ miscreant; 3, the stalker
    2. As brand owners, we often haven’t given access to the customer to reach us easily, often frustrating the customer further
    3. Talking about poor customer service, I said – Busy as they are in ‘land-grab’/ market share strategies, in a fast growing market, brands and marketers aren’t particularly keeping customer service as a top priority, and in that lies the danger
    4. Loss of ‘goodwill’ from legal pursuits should be considered by brands
    5. Talking about the general environment in India, I said – we tend to think that we have the license to be irresponsible because everyone else around us, including politicians, opinion leaders, media seem to be getting away with it.
    6. Build brands that customers want

    Here is the full video


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