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  • Who doesn’t want to be All Tops!?

  • Who doesn’t want to be All Tops!?

    Who doesn’t want to be All Tops!?

    Rajesh Lalwani : Any current favorites of yours – technology products; companies; ideas.
    Guy Kawasaki: I love “credit card” startups. That is, companies you can start with $25,000 or less. Truemors was my experiment in this. This is the Ycombinator theory, and I like it..
    This was Guy Kawasaki on Blog the Talk in July 2007.
    Truemors had started with a lukewarm response and since then Guy has tirelessly worked on getting that site to take off. Now, Guy and the 1 guy + 1 gal team behind Tremors are back…with All Top.
    Insight that lead them to launch it?
    “Aggregate and display a bunch of sites for people, and they will come.”
    So what does All Top do? Simply put, it’s a dashboard view of top news websites and blogs on a variety of subjects/ topics:

      1. Work: Career, social media, venture capital…
      2. People: Celebs, Egos ;), Twitterati
      3. News…
      4. Geekery…

    And so on and will keep evolving…

    I have seen that aggregation models work. For example, while the approaches are different, our very own Desi Pundit does something similar…be the start point of the journey and not the destination itself. It works…and for that reason I think of Desi Pundit as our most valuable blog.
    Will All Top succeed? The response has been varied with many top blogs thrashing it and some praising it (it’s increasingly becoming impossible to segregate the genuine from the motivated) but then like Robert Scoble famously said (somethings on these lines): There is nothing called bad publicity on the net. What’s the worst thing that can happen to you? Silence.
    In fact, he had said this commenting upon the ‘silent’ response to Truemors. Now, that can’t be said about All Top, and that’s a good thing.
    Best wishes Guy, Will and Kathryn. More about All Top here.


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