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    Winning alone?

    Reading an email this morning, I got reminded of a senior journalist friend, with whom I used to professionally interact (very actively) at one point in time. She, then editor of the top selling daily rag; I, then head of promotions for a hospitality company, managing one of city’s top entertainment/ culture venues, among other things.
    A lot of prominent celebrities would visit/ perform at the venue – theatre, cinema interactions, gigs – and press interactions were regularly scheduled. She would always want exclusives with the ‘A List’ and because it would be of mutual value, we would sometimes try and accommodate.
    She had an amazing, not so good, quality though: even when seeking a favour – we were clearly antagonizing other media houses for denying them photo ops/ interviews – she would always position it like she was doing us a favour. So, even though we would get visibility, it wasn’t a feeling of joy and win-win.
    This morning’s mail does exactly that, and perhaps goes beyond: it comes seeking, what is clearly a favour, without any ‘mutual value’ but then positions it exactly the opposite. No request, no humility, no thanks in advance – nothing.
    A win-win is about both parties winning, not when the seeker alone wins + wins again. Even that would not be a problem, only it needs to be sought with humility.
    What do you think about what makes for a win-win. What would be your response to this mail, if at all?

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