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  • WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines

  • WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines

    WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines

    Indian marketers are beginning to acknowledge the fact that blogs are here to stay and are trying to explore how they can be used for marketing. The fact that US, and some of the other markets, have been exploring this domain ahead of us, offers learning…

    Whilst unethical players bring dis-repute to any industry, the very premise on which Conversational Marketing is based, gets challenged if ethics and transperency are compromised – the impact is prompt and usually severe.

    To help marketers & advisors know what would be the right thing to do as also to protect the consumers rights, WOMMA (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) has released a discussion draft for public comment’ of its ‘WOMMA Ethical Blogger Contact Guidelines – prompting us to remember that: Consumers come first, honesty isn’t optional, and deception is always exposed.

    10 Principles for Ethical Contact by Marketers

    1. I will always be truthful and will never knowingly relay false information. I will never ask someone else to deceive bloggers for me.
    2. I will fully disclose who I am and who I work for (my identity and affiliations) from the very first encounter when communicating with bloggers or commenting on blogs.
    3. I will never take action contrary to the boundaries set by bloggers. I will respect all community guidelines regarding posting messages and comments.
    4. I will never ask bloggers to lie for me.
    5. I will use extreme care when communicating with minors or blogs intended to be read by minors.
    6. I will not manipulate advertising or affiliate programs to impact blogger income.
    7. I will not use automated systems for posting comments or distributing information.
    8. I understand that compensating bloggers may give the appearance of a conflict of interest, and I will therefore fully disclose any and all compensation or incentives.
    9. I understand that if I send bloggers products for review, they are not obligated to comment on them. Bloggers can return products at their own discretion.
    10. If bloggers write about products I send them, I will proactively ask them to disclose the products’ source.

    Given that it is a discussion draft, I suppose it may undergo some changes but it’s a very good checklist to follow.

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    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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