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    Work from home!

    Work has less to do with the workplace. One need not be planted at their office seats in order to be productive. “Work from Lodhi gardens” as my colleague, Rajesh would famously put it. It is a mantra for us at Blogworks.

    In the era of social networks, employees are demanding more mobility. I can collaborate with my team even while sitting at the client’s office. That is the freedom that social media networks and forums give me. A recent survey report revealed that three out of every five (amounting to 60%) respondents, wanted more flexibility and mobility at work.  Need of mobility and flexibility of being able to operate outside office is so great that it impacts the company loyalty (13%), choice of jobs (12%), and morale (9%). Employees show a preference towards jobs which would provide opportunities to connect to social media and related tools/devices.

    “More than half of surveyed employees, who can access corporate networks, applications, and information outside of their offices, said that they were able to put-in extra productive hours everyday. While 45 per cent said they were able to give two to three extra hours a day, close to 25 per cent said they were putting in four hours or more.”

    Source: The Times of India

    I recently wrote a post over the increasing use of social media for internal communications. It is not surprising to know that companies are actually resolving attrition related issues by establishing social networks within the company. Companies like IKEA attribute increase in sales (with cost cuts), to internal communications 2.0 and use of social media.

    While Sun Microsystems leverages social media to encourage participation on workfront, Thomson Reuters uses Yammer to seek opinion and votes on key issues. Yammer allows companies to customise and use it as a company-specific social media.

    A lot of companies who face a threat owing to data leaks, are making their own indigenous social networks. An article in the Hindu Business Line talks about a study done by Deloitte. The study states that 22% of the companies have framed a set of guidelines for the use of social media. IBM, for instance has a well thought out policy in place.

    According to the article, extensive use of social media actually helped save the life of an employee of EMC — Nick Glasgow, from cancer. The article does not explain how, but certainly social media has certainly transformed work into a lifestyle.

    Soon “work from home” is not going to remain a privilege given to employees by only certain companies.

    Disclaimer: Views of authors are personal and do not represent the views of Blogworks, or any of its clients.

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