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  • YOU have arrived – comments are back! They are back!

  • YOU have arrived – comments are back! They are back!

    YOU have arrived – comments are back! They are back!

    If content is the heart of a blog, comments are its very soul – is my learning of the last month.
    Comments had to be disabled for a few days, as spam threatened to bring down the server. It was to be a simple back and forth between ‘disable’ and then ‘enable’ again.
    It would have been exactly like that, until, I guess I did something with the database and deleted a file. Finally, my friend who has designed the site, managed to revive them – just now. Comments are now enabled again.
    Conversations did continue over email, in fact, I got many mails asking why the comments were off, some commented on posts – old and new, one wrote back to me that the feed was, in fact, carrying the few ‘test’ posts that I attempted to check results of my own failed attempts to revive the content. However, it just isn’t the same thing…the group energy is all important.
    Well, here we are! No, here YOU are! For, what I say is not the story, what you add – the multiple perspectives from each of us – make it ‘the story’.
    You make this blog tick. Keep writing.
    UPDATE: Comments are now enabled for the past few posts, so please go-ahead and post your comments on those too.

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